Looking for a dance competition team? Charlotte Dance Alliance offers the opportunity for dancers to audition to become a member of their competition team.   Our team is comprised of dancers, teachers and parents.   We consider this as your child’s sport.  The dancer’s need parent’s support to encourage them & cheer them on.

The mission for our “Company” Competition Dance Team is simple: to provide opportunities for enrichment that go well beyond the art of dancing. We strive to inspire, challenge and provide character building experiences through dance and performance. “Competition” is not just about winning- winning is the least important thing. It is about striving to be the best you can be, and about sharing your passion to do so. Company team is a wonderful experience, but one that also requires a lot of hard work and a serious commitment. All four (4) regional competitions, one (1) national competition and one (1) convention are mandatory. This Sept.-June season only four (4) unexcused absences will be allowed to remain on the team. Excused absences include: doctors/dental appointments, special mandatory school events, death in the family.

Please be prepared to commit to the schedule and all other requirements.

Attendance to your dance classes are mandatory.   You should be committed to all team members by showing your commitment to being in class.   Technique & choreography are worked on every week, and it is the dancer’s responsibility to be there to participate actively in each class.  The following classes are required for competition students: ballet, technique, and competition rehearsal classes.

BALLET and regular TECHNIQUE CLASSES are a vital part of what makes a dancer successful, well rounded and most importantly well trained. We are careful to match students to technique and ballet classes that are conducive to their age level and ability! Competitive dancers at Charlotte Dance Alliance age averaging 9 or higher, take regular 2 hour technique classes once a week, and ballet twice a week, as these classes are required for dancers who compete in all disciplines of dance, except for hip hop.

COMPETITION TEAMS are chosen and categorized by age averages and skill. Students are placed where they can grow, be inspired and challenged throughout the season ahead! We offer groups for all ages and levels of dance. The Competition Team offers the more serious and committed dancer more intense training and performance opportunities.

SOLOS, DUETS AND TRIOS are offered to ALL students regardless of age, experience or level! It is our belief that dancers grow so much working on a special number as such, and we offer this to ANY dancer(s) interested.

CHARLOTTE DANCE ALLIANCE DIRECTORS/TEACHERS are enthusiastic and honored to do what they love as a career. We take pride in every student we teach, and feel they are all a reflection of who we are. We strive to instill self worth, high self esteem, team work and good morals in a positive family atmosphere to every child we instruct! We are readily available to discuss your interests and answer any questions you might have regarding this program.

Class Expectations for competition students are as follows:

  • Be on Time to Class
  • Attendance is very important
  • Bring all your shoes to all classes
  • Be dressed properly for each class
  • Exhibit respect for your teachers and class members
  • Keep talking to a minimum or NOT AT ALL
  • Walk through the class door ready to dance
  • Call the studio if you must miss a class prior to the class time

Competition Information

Team members will conduct themselves in a polite, respectful, and moral manner that is worthy of setting an example for other dancers, at all times.  Dancers should come to class prepared, with a positive attitude and ready to dance.

Team members are expected to participate in ALL performances throughout the year, which include, but are not limited to, community events, competitions, end of the year recital, etc.  These are announced as early as possible, so you are expected to plan your calendar with these events taking priority.

A copy of your school report card will be required to be turned into the office.   Members are expected to maintain their school grades.

Competition Contract

Each team member and their parent are required to sign a competition contract.   The contract provides a more detailed explanation of competition expectations and requirements.


Attendance to competitions is mandatory.  You are a team member; make this a priority, out of respect for yourself, your team members and your teachers & choreographers.

Members may not compete under any studio name other than “Charlotte Dance Alliance.”

If you are interested in being a member of the CDA Competition team please contact us for additional details. Our Intensives will be held this August 6-9, 2018. The intensives are mandatory for anyone planning on being a part of the team.  

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis with a limited number of spots available. If you’re interested in attending, get your registrations in early. We will have four levels of instruction, and recommend some basic ballet training even for the lower levels.

Please note these are just suggestions. Students may be asked by instructors to move to a more appropriate level that better matches their ability.

Check out our YouTube Page to see some of our amazing dancers and choreography.

If you have any questions about Charlotte Dance Alliance’s competition dance team, please email: