Congratulations to our CDA Competition Dance Team we are off to an amazing start. We have had competed so far in 3 regional competitions.

To sum the exceptional competition season: Our dancers danced, friends cheered, families came together, and beautiful memories were made by all, and we can’t wait until our next regional competition.

2018 CDA Competition Highlights:

  • Home of 2018 Mr. Energy National Teen Dancer, 2018 Mr. World Class Talent Teen dancer, and 2018 Ms. Junior Start Talent, 2018, Ms Teen Star Talent and 2018 Mr. Teen Star Talent
  • Numerous Choreography Awards in tap, jazz, contemporary and lyrical
  • 1st Place Teen and Senior Soloist
  • 3 time 1st Place Overall Teen Elite Duet
  • 3 time 1st Place Overall Teen Elite Soloist
  • 2 time 1st place Overall Teen Duet Trio
  • Top 3 Highest Scoring Dances at Energy Dance
  • Top Scoring Petite highest scoring soloist; Top Scoring highest 13 and over solo/duet/trio dance, and Top Scoring highest 13 and over group dance at Star Talent
  • Special Judges Awards for Technique, Intensity, Most Entertaining, Showmanship, Commitment Storytelling and more
  • Overall Top 10 Regional Placements for solo, duet, trio  and group dances