NEW 2018 Spring Classes

New 2018 Spring Classes

Have winter sports ended? Are you trying to find something to keep your child active? Well look no further, CDA has just the thing for you. Beginning April 9th we will be offering a new Spring Session. We have classes for all ages.

Charlotte Dance Alliance – Spring Class Descriptions 

Charlotte Dance Alliance – Spring Class Descriptions

Class Name

Class Description



Combination Classes

Combination classes are a great way for students to experience different types of dance in a short amount of instructional time. The main focus of combination classes is on students having fun and enjoying dance as an everyday activity.

Beginner Ballet 2-4 years

4:45 -5:15pm

Pink Leotard Pink ballet Shoes

Level Combination Classes

This combination class focuses on getting students ready to transition from combination type classes to full hour classes in a specific style of dance. Ballet class will include more challenging barre exercises while emphasizing basic terminology. The tap portion of the class will concentrate on developing intricate patterns and rhythms, while the jazz portion of class will begin

Beginner Ballet, Tap, Pre-Jazz

5 – 8 years

Tuesday 5:15 – 6 pm

Light Blue Leotard Pink Ballet Shoes

Tan Ushell Tap Shoes (Mary Janes)

to develop student’s flexibility and balance skills.

Little to no dance experience needed

Hip Hop

These classes teach the fundamentals of hip hop movement. They are upbeat and high energy classes. Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and funky footwork will all be incorporated. Students will learn to memorize choreography by working on a combination each class.

5:15 -6:00 pm

5 years & up

No jeans
Hip Hop pants Shorts

Floor Gymnastics

Floor Gymnastics serves as physical and conceptual prerequisite for more advanced gymnastic

skills. This class helps students gain strength and flexibility while safely focusing on the three fundamental tumbling skills: balance and support, rotations, and springing and landing. Students will be moved up in class level based on skill NOT age

Monday 5-5:30 pm 3-5 years

Tuesday 5-5:30 pm
6 years & up

7 pm drop in
6 yrs & up with experience

Sports bra Booty shorts Bike shorts
(no loose fitting clothes)

TLC – turns, leaps and conditioning

Instructor will practice all styles of conditioning based upon the skill level of the group attending. Dance experience required

Tuesday 6-7:00 pm

6 years and up

Dance attire or form fitting clothing with dance shoes

Beginner Teen / Adult (includes previous dance experience many years ago for refresher)

This class is designed to challenge the older beginner student. Jazz class has a warm up, across the floor exercises, leaps, and turning with an emphasis on spotting. Combinations incorporating various styles of classical jazz movement is taught to create routines with turns, leaps and jumps. Tap is taught using heel work and alternate foot patterns and of course technique of the basics is taught.

13yrs & up Tap and Jazz

Thursday 7:00 -8:15 p

Form fitting dance wear Leotards Bra top, shorts Yoga pants No loose clothing Black tap shoes Pink Ballet Shoes Black Jazz Shoe