large_starstudenttitleSTAR STUDENT OF THE MONTH/YEAR

Each month a student is recognized for their hard work, attendance, grooming, motivation and attitude. At the end of each month, our teachers select one student from each class discipline as “student of the month”.




Who is selected as student of the month? 

Well, a student who…

  • Shows good work ethic
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Sets a good example for other students
  • Works hard in class
  • Has perfect attendance for that month

Once a student has been chosen for each class, all the names will be put into a draw and one name is chosen. This person will become “student of the month” and will receive a prize (please see reception for your prize). The lists will be posted on the “student of the month board” at the end of each month.

Note: Lists are posted for each month except December and June.