Yoga Class Descriptions



SLOW FLOW  – This class is set at a much slower pace to breakdown the basic alignment of each asana (poses). We focus on incorporating breath work not only into the asana but into the slower transitions as well. This is a great introductory class for those new to Yoga or who are looking for a more relaxed pace.

POWER FLOW This class begins with a slower warmup building heat to prepare the body for larger poses at steady rate. The faster pace sequencing incorporates ujjayi breath to oxygenate your body and train your mind to be focused and aware. This class is designed to challenge and inspire, and is perfect for those looking to move, flow, and grow!

HEATED POWER FLOW – In addition to the regular Power Flow we offer a heated version to promote cleansing of the physical body as well as the mind. This heated class allows for muscles to relax earlier on in class therefore more challenging poses may be more easily accessible.

DEEP STRETCH – This class is our slowest paced class.  it is mainly floor poses designed to therapeutically stretch your muscles, ligaments and tendons. We hold poses between 2 to 5 minutes using various props for support. The longer holds encourage our mind to let go and our body to release tension. This is a great class for athletes who need a deep tissue release or relief from tight muscles and stiffness.