YOGA Tips & Tricks



  • WHAT TO BRING? Make sure to bring a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle. We will provide the props and mat cleaner.
  • NO SHOES: Shoes collectively carry unwanted debris into our barefoot environment. Benches line the hallway to store your belongings.
  • HYDRATE WITH WATER: Make sure to always drink water and after class. Electrolytes are great for preventing muscle tightness or cramping.
  • SILENCE IS GOLDEN: Focusing the mind is hard enough with ones own chitta mind. Talking during class is disruptive to all of your fellow YOGIs and instructors as well. Save all questions to before or after class no matter how minute or in-depth they are.
  • WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING: Soft comfortable stretch material is always recommended; baggy clothing can be inhibiting during flow classes due to inversions and folds. Deep stretch classes do permit looser clothing.
  • HEADS UP 7 UP: Before class always let your instructor know if you are pregnant, have had recent injuries, or experiencing a particular pain or discomfort. The more knowledge your instructor of your whereabouts the better they can support you for a more beneficial class. No matter how minor you think it is you want to be fully aware to provide you with modifications for a successful healthy class.
  • SHHHHHHHH FOR SAVASANA: Keeping still and quiet during savasana allows for you and all of your other fellow YOGIs to fully relax and soak up all of the mindful hard work you have put into your practice. If you must leave class early please do so before savasana begins. So that others may enjoy their final resting pose.