Welcome to Yoga@CDA. This programs is aimed toward YOGIs of all ages & levels.

New to Yoga!? Stepping on your mat for the first time can be the hardest.  No worries we have a slow flow on Monday evenings to clarify the basics!

Been practicing for a while or have a dance background? No worries we have you covered in our heated Powerflow on Wednesday evenings. Come Challenge yourself with various modifications.

Wondering what it’s all about? Yoga is a unification of the body mind and spirit. It works the outer body to strengthen the inner body. The Physical asana practice (poses) is only a piece of the puzzle. Through flow classes we incorporate pranayama (breath work) as we align movement with the breath for focusing the mind and connecting it to the physical body. This brings full focus to the present moment. Through practice this awareness continues to dance into our daily lives.


  • To create new space in our physical bodies as well as our mind
  • To provide a comfortable and loving environment to group mentally, physically and spiritually,
  • To harmonize the head, heart and hands.