Q: What is your facility like? The studio is modern with the state-of-the-art amenities. It was built for dancers by dancers with high ceilings, floor-length mirrors, and two-level barres. Some of the building’s outstanding features are a large waiting area, and excellent dance floors. Please be sure to view a slideshow of our Studio.

Q: Where are you located? All roads lead to Charlotte Dance Alliance ! We are located in the heart of South Charlotte in the Matthews Area at 1898 Windsor Square, Suite B Matthews, North Carolina 28105. Conveniently located near I-485, I -85, I-77, and Independence Hwy. We are in the Windsor Square Business Park behind Rack Em Pool. Call the Studio for more detailed directions from your location or view the detailed directions/map available on our site. 1898 Windsor Square, Suite B Matthews, North Carolina 28105.

Q: Do you have a professional teaching staff? Yes, we do! (Their individual bios can be found in the staff section of our web site.) All of these wonderful dance instructors have many things in common: they love dance; they love children; they are experienced teachers who epitomize excellence; they keep up with the latest moves by taking classes in New York and Los Angeles; and they are constantly striving for new and innovative ways to keep their curriculum fresh, cutting edge, and exciting.

Q: What is the age range and experience necessary to participate in your program? We offer classes for students ranging from 2 years old and up to Adults and classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. It is our goal to provide your child with a class in which he or she feels comfortable while being challenged.

Q: Do you have competition teams? Yes, CDA has an award winning competition team. Being involved in competition can be a rewarding experience for dancers of all ages. In August, auditions are held to choose team members. If you have missed the auditions, a audition can be setup for you. All decisions are made by qualified and impartial judges. You can read more about our program by clicking here.

Q: Do you have a yearly recital? Yes, we will celebrate a year’s worth of hard work with a end of year recital. Both our dress rehearsal and dance recital will be held in June. The costumes will be affordable with a flexible payment option to meet your needs and timing. The costume balance is due in January 15th to ensure your child receives a costume on time. No costume will be given to a student until all fees are paid.

Q: Can my child take classes whenever he/she wants and what type of commitment is expected? Our dance program places dancers according to their level and age. A commitment to class attendance is extremely important for a dancer’s progress. A student is expected to pay every month regardless of how many classes are missed. Missed or cancelled classes may be made up on a similar level. No refunds or reductions are given for missed classes.

Q: Am I allowed to watch my child in class?  CDA has in class monitors that allow you to watch your child class from the lobby.  All classes are closed for viewing so that teachers and students can retain their focus without distraction. However, there will be 2 parent visitation days scheduled throughout the year. Please view our calendar for dates.

Q: Do you have a limit on the size of a class? Yes, CDA limits the size of our dance classes, since we want to make sure that each student receives individual attention. We limit class size for our preschool dance classes. Registration therefore is done on a first come, first serve basis, so if the class fills up then you will have to take another dance class.

Q: What types of payment are accepted? CDA  accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex via online payments. If you do not wish to pay online, we also accept personal checks and money orders.

Q: I want to register for classes, but I do not wish to pay online. What should I do? If you would like to register for classes in person, you can call the studio at (704) 847-7138 to schedule an appointment. For your convenience, you may print off and fill out this registration form beforehand. To pay with a credit card over the phone, please call us at (704) 847-7138. Completing registration over the phone will reduce your paperwork as you can tell us the information we need & we can fill out the registration form for you! *Please note: you will need to sign a registration form on the first day of class, but the information will already be filled out.*

Q: How do I register? Click on any of the “Register” links on the website home page and follow the prompts to the Registration page.

Q: How do I add a class?   You can add classes during the Registration process. To add more classes, use the Dance Portal. See below.

Q: How do I cancel a class or drop out of the studio?  This must be done through the studio, not online.  There is a form called “CLASS WITHDRAWAL” that must be filled out AT LEAST 30 days prior to ending a class or dropping out so that you are taken out of the auto-pay system and don’t get charged for the next month. No verbal or email notice accepted. Forms can be found on our website in the footer of the home page.

Q: What happens if I go on vacation in December?  The studio’s tuition is paid every month you are enrolled in classes from August thru June, INCLUDING December and June.  Classes can be made up. Fees are not prorated for times when you are not in class.

Q: What happens if I leave the studio for just a couple of months? You are considered gone if you drop out of the studio. If you wish to re-enroll, you will be paying another registration fee, AND your classes may not be available to re-enter. We do not hold any spots. There are dancers waiting to get in to classes.

Q: How does tuition work? Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. Tuition is charged automatically (Credit card or debit card) on the first of each month. Tuition applies every month, August through June for all registered students, regardless of vacation or absence. We do not prorate if you are absent or away on vacation. No adjustments, credits or transfers will be made for missed lessons.  Make-up classes are available.  If you add more classes mid-month, you will be charged a prorated amount for the rest of the month.

Q: I tried to get my child into a class on a specific time/day, but the class was already full. What are my options? Classes can fill up quickly and sometimes certain class times fill up faster than others.  To help with this, the Studio has created a schedule where all levels are offered on several days during the week to ensure all students can find something that works with their schedule. When a class is full, you have the option to join the Waiting List for that class. Sometimes people move around and a spot opens up. In the meantime, it’s best to select another class until that class may open up.

Q: The On-line Registration form only allows for 5 classes. How do I add more classes? The Portal allows you to add as many classes as you want above the initial 5 classes. See below!

Q: What is the Portal? The Portal is a new online section that allows families to go in to their own secure account and add classes, track their schedule and change contact info, emails and credit card information.

Q:How do I start using the Portal? To go to the Portal, use the “Dance Portal” link on the website home page or the link at the end of Registration to get to the Portal page. Next, everyone needs to get a new password so that your information is secure. Enter the email address you provided in registration. (During the Registration process, you provided an email address with your main contact (usually the mother or the father).  On the Portal page, hit the “I don’t have or don’t know my password” link. A temporary password will be emailed to you. Use that password in the sign-in box and once in the portal, select “Change My Password” from the drop-down menu at the top. These steps are detailed for you along the way.

Q:How do I add more classes using the Portal? Use the “Enroll” tab. Select a filter to bring up classes. Remember that this list may be displayed in several pages, so use the “forward” arrow. You will only be able to register in age-appropriate classes.

Q: What else can I do in the Portal? The portal allows you to: view and change your credit card information; view and change your contact information; view your student and his/her classes; add a new student (sibling) and add him/her to classes, and review studio policies.

Q: If we miss a class, is it possible to make up that class at another time? Absolutely.  Just call or email the Studio and the staff will be happy to help find another class where there is space available.  Make up classes must take place within 30 days of the missed classed.  Make up classes are not permitted in classes that have already reached maximum occupancy. Dance/Singing/Acting program is separate from Aerial program, so makeups from Dance cannot be done in Aerial classes.

Q: When can a student move up to the next level? Teachers will keep a close eye on each student’s progress to ensure they’re placed in the appropriate grade for their age/skill level.

Q: Does Charlotte Dance Alliance  have a dress code? Yes.  An easy-to-print, one-page dress code listing can be found on our website or in our handbook.

Q:Where do we purchase our dance attire? Charlotte Dance Alliance  has a retail store on the premises, selling shoes (ballet, tap, jazz), leotards, tutus, tights, tank tops and shirts, wraps and hoodies, jazz shorts and pants, tights, bags and more.

Q: What is the Recital? When is it? The Recital is at the end of the season, in June. Almost all classes, except technical classes, are in the Recital. The Recital is a  “real” shows that take place in big theatres with lighting, sound, costuming, staging. Think of a national touring show, like New York’s Alvin Ailey. It’s like that, except with your children!  🙂  While participation is optional, we find that the performances are a wonderful experience that the dancers and families cherish for years. It is a culmination, and a chance to share the year’s growth with family and friends.  Around 98% of our students participate.  We do spend most of the year teaching the dance style of each class and only start introducing choreography for the show in the Spring. At that time, attendance is crucial as the instructors are teaching choreography designed for the exact amount of students and their abilities.

Q: Are there extra rehearsals for the Recital? All general rehearsing and learning choreography for the performance is done during regular class time, with rare exception. Then, there are DRESS REHEARSALS for the recital that take place in the days right before the show. These dress rehearsals are held at the theatre where the show will be. Each class is scheduled for one dress rehearsal time, which is usually around 4 hours or less. This time frame includes backstage instructions, movement on and off the stage, group photos, finale practice and on-stage lighting and rehearsal. If your dancer has multiple classes, they will be doing a dress rehearsal for each class, though these often coincide within the same time period.

Q: Are there additional time or financial obligations for the Recital? As detailed above, almost all the recital practicing is done during regular class time, except the Dress Rehearsal. See above. Attendance is crucial during this time period, from March through June. There are several costs associated with the Recital– a one-time Recital Fee and costume fees. You will be purchasing a costume for each performing class your child is registered in.

Q: What is the time frame for Recital?

  • July – October:     Your acceptance or declining of recital participation is recorded in your studio registration.
  • October:     The Recital Fee is charged to all students through normal monthly billing credit cards on file.
  • December – January:   New students may still opt for the recital, but they will have to commit right away.
  • January:  Costume fees are due for all students.
  • March:     Teachers begin to introduce recital choreography at the end of classes.
  • March – June:  This is recital season. Attendance is CRUCIAL in order to learn choreography and changes, which can happen at any or every class.
  • April – May:  Recital T-shirts are designed and DVDs go on sale for pre-order. Parents, friends and relatives can sign up to volunteer.
  • June:   Dress Rehearsals and Shows!

Q: If I pay the Recital fees and later decide to visit family overseas during that time, can I get my money back? These fees are nonrefundable under any circumstances. They are used for the venue and to buy your dancer’s costumes. The costumes are yours to keep even if you end up out of town.

Q: How do I know the right class for my young dancer? The Studio offers one or more classes to a new dancer based on the dancer’s age, ability, experience, interest and dance discipline of choice. If your child is placed in the wrong level a teacher will notify you and CDA will ensure your child is placed in the correct class based on age and ability.

Q: What is expected of dancers?  It is expected that dancers will:

  • Arrive at their lessons on time, prepared to dance
  • Follow all Studio rules
  • Respect fellow classmates and teachers
  • Not leave valuables
  • Not bring gum, food or drink cans into a dance studio rooms
  • Not wear outside shoes in a dance studio
  • Remain in The Studio building unless a note advising otherwise is provided by the dancer’s parent
  • Pick up after themselves—and use the waste bins

Q:  How long is the dance year? This dance year begins in August and ends in June, ending with an on-stage performance.

Q: How can parents keep track of a dancer’s progress? The Studio invites parents into the dance studios to watch their children in rehearsal during Parent Observation. . This is the only week during the year when this privilege is extended to parents. Parents who miss this opportunity must wait until recital or view the class Portal for any progress notes.

Q: Where can I buy dance wear? Charlotte Dance Alliance sells merchandise in the studio and online. However there are local dancewear retailers you can purchase from.

Q: Don’t see your question on here? Please call us at (704) 847-7138 or email us at info@dancingcda.com and we will be happy to answer your question!